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“Chaotic situations often are a precursor to a new way of life, the beginning of a new way which can be much better than what you have known. If things always remained the same there would be no room for betterment. Hang on, a new way of life is about to begin for you. You need to learn to enjoy the ride. The roller coaster is more thrilling than the merry go round. Learn to accept the predictability of the unpredictable, embrace NEW opportunities and go with the flow.”

Log Institute, is about CHANGE.

We live in a world that is constantly in motion and expanding in knowledge and information…….FAST.

It is to our detriment to remain complacent and stuck and with technology in our hands, literally and figuratively, we have the infinite power to create our means to success. There is NO excuse.

We inhabit a very powerful life force within all of us that makes anything and everything possible. We are spiritually motioned to be creators and molders of our own lives with our greatest potential waiting perpetually and eagerly to tap into our consciences.

There is nothing stopping us from pursuing our greatest desires except our fear of the unknown. We overcome that with steadfast faith, courage and a spirit of adventure to embrace life’s mysteries. To believe that what we truly desire, the universe will conspire for us to acquire.

We embody inner strength and resilience when we least expect it. It is our light that shines away the darkness and directs our paths as the bright moon and stars have done throughout the centuries helping nomads, wanderers and sailors navigate their way intuitively through the nights.

We are never alone. We are safe. We are loved. We are guided. We are Log Institute.

Change comes from WITHIN. “If you’re not Log IN, you’re logged out!”


To take Log Institute where no man has gone before. To expand its reach outside our borders throughout the provinces of the Philippines with Log Institute branches.

To indoctrinate our “EEE” philosophy, EMPOWER, ENLIGHTEN and EXTOL the virtues of confidence, hard work and never giving up.

Our goal is to also develop generation upon generation of highly accomplished “Lograts” (our endearing term for our students) to share their enthusiasm for IT. To become benevolent members of society contributing their time and energy towards the greater good for our communities.

To enter a globally competitive market from “enrollee to employee” as qualified esteemed graduates who will further elevate the stature and reputation of Log Institute as the training center that delivers results.


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