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Which website do I start with?

To enroll on-line, you have to access the online enrollment form for Loginstitute by typing only

Do all students have to enroll on-line?

Yes, all students have to enroll on-line.

What do students need to enroll on-line?

To enroll on-line, students should have an activated EMAIL account, and a PC with Internet connection.

Is the on-line enrollment system open 24 hours?

Yes, the on-line enrollment system is open 24 hours a day, Mondays to Sunday. It is always accessible.

I am interested to the classes being given, but I don’t have a basic knowledge. Can I still enroll?

You are still qualified to enroll on our classes even if you are a beginner. You can learn the basics of the give course when the class starts.

I am an undergraduate or a student. Can I still enroll?

Our training center is accepting all types of enrollees.

What if the number of target students did not meet?

If the number of students did not meet 2 days before the class, we will announce to the students of the rescheduling of the specific course. The slots are still reserved for the students unless they will decide to back out.

If the classes has been cancelled or rescheduled for any reasonable situation, how will the organization inform me?

The Loginstitute Ilocos will inform the enrollees by email and SMS 2 days before the classes if it has been cancelled or not.

If I decided to back out of the course can I get a refund?

Yes, we will process your refund upon your request.

If I get a refund, will I received the exact amount I paid?

Yes, you will received the exact amount you paid.

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